About World Café Europe in action

Welcome to the Blog of World Café Europe
We want to share our activities and actions with you – as immediate and broad as possible! Follow us through the year and feel free to join in, comment and get in touch with us.

Our vision is a Europe where citizens actively engage to find concrete solutions for the key social issues of their time.
We are an emerging group of engaged individuals from all over Europe who are committed to contribute to the on-going development of the WORLD CAFÉ by providing forums to try out new approaches in real-life environments

All of our efforts are designed to foster a new culture of conversation among organizations, businesses and people from all walks of life.

Through the use of various forms of communication, World Café Europe would like to provide opportunities for individuals to become active participants in conversations. We hope that through their participation, these individuals will experience a deep exchange of knowledge with one another and feel empowered to explore the potential of collective intelligence to address the questions that matter for Europeans today and in the future.